Apple to buy McLaren?

Apparently so, as there are multiple reports out today stating just that. Or rather, that Apple is in talks with McLaren about just such an eventuality. The unanswered question of which is… why? Certainly, the noise emanating from Cupertino in regards to a car program are far too loud to be anything but true, but that was reportedly focused around next-generation self driving electric cars – i.e., Tesla. Not McLaren, home of cars whose price tags make the Teslas look like the ride of a pauper. To whit, the range topping car from McLaren is 10x more expensive than that for Tesla. And while McLaren is a truly impressive engineering workshop, that engineering is dedicated to making cars as fast as possible. Which they do with such skill that even Mercedes and Ferrari, their biggest rivals in Formula 1, use McLaren electronics for the brains of their cars.

I also can’t see McLaren, a racing program that more or less happens to make cars on the side, wanting to push lower down the market and compete with the volume players the way the Apple car presumably would. In fact, I can’t see this deal working out, unless it’s a hands-off infusion of money and an intellectual property share for whatever bits of McLaren engineering might apply to Apple’s vehicle. Still, take a whole shaker of salt.

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