HP Omni 10 Initial Thoughts

In a rather unusual bit of luck, right after my post on the HP Omni 10 went live, the Microsoft store put the device on sale for $100 off (meaning $299 overall). As you might imagine, I snapped up the device, and it arrived on Monday, giving me a good three days to use it and compile my initial thoughts.

The Good:

The screen (mostly. See below). The 1920×1200 screen is nicely pixel-packed, and bright enough to be used in almost all conditions, and is certainly responsive to the touch.

The processor. Everything is smooth and fast, and I haven’t been able to discover a single bit of lag yet when using the tablet.

Free Office. Hardly needs saying as to why, really.

IE11 (Touch). Most people crack jokes about Internet Explorer when it comes to web browsers. IE11 might be the best and the fastest touch browser I’ve ever used. It certainly beats the pants off of Chrome for Android on my previous tablet, although that is at least partially hardware related.

The Bad:

The Omni 10 comes with about 12gb of free storage out of the box. Having a 32 or 64gb MicroSD card on hand is more or less a requirement.

All of the ports (Charging, Micro-HDMI, USB OTG) are all on the bottom centre, exactly the edge the device rests on. Now, it will work perfectly well flipped upside down, but who designs a tablet that can’t sit properly when it’s being charged?

The Ugly:

Compared even to my other touch screen devices, this screen is an absolute magnet for fingerprints and smears. Carry a wipe-down cloth at all times.

The apps (it has to be said). I use a Lumia 928 as my daily driver, which means I’m willing to accept a smaller app catalogue than most people. Sadly, the Omni 10 occasionally pushes even my limits. LinkedIn? Not here. Twitter? Pretty damn rubbish. Gaming? Clearly a 3rd tier platform.

However, there is one giant salve to all of this: Unlike every other tablet out there, this one runs Windows. Full, proper, Windows. Which means I’ve hundreds of games from my Steam account good to go, provided I hook up my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Gaming solved. And as for most of the apps? Well, be thankful the Omni 10 has the best touch browser out there on the fastest chip Intel has ever made for tablets.

Yet, despite the aforementioned drawbacks, this is the best tablet I’ve ever used, and I’m including the latest iPads in that mix. And what’s all the more important to remember is that it’s $200 cheaper (at least currently), that even the cheapest of the 10 inch iPads. That’s enough to pick up a brand new Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 as well.

It won’t fit everyone, especially given the app situation, but it certainly fits me. At a very reasonable price as well.

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