Attacked From Both Sides

It’s well understood at this point that tablet sales are shrinking, and at a grand scale, the reasons why – tablets aren’t cheap enough or performant enough to fit into the ever shrinking gap between 13″ and under 2-1 PCs, and the 6″ and growing smartphone market. What no one in the market entirely seems to have worked out is why people who do have tablets don’t update those tablets in the way they update phones or PCs, instead letting them grow older at a higher rate than either of their companion devices. But, for whatever reason, people do tend to let their tablets sit around and grow old. Even for my part, I’m using a tablet from Intel’s Bay Trail era, which is now quite old in terms of the PC space. Eventually, perhaps, I’ll upgrade, but it’s more likely a 2-1 will slot in and take the tablet need away.


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